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Cute puppies - Cute puppy pictures

A cute puppy is a cuddly baby dog that has not reached the sexual maturity. Generally puppy stage is considered up to one year. The baby of a wolf is also called puppy. Puppies are very cute with different weight and size depending on their breed. Puppies of smaller species are 1-3 lbs whereas the puppy of grown up is 15-20 lbs. The growth of puppies is very fast after their birth. Sometimes puppies of Yorkshire Terrier change its color when they grow old.
Puppies are cute. You can pick them up and cuddle with them. Raising puppies is similar to raising children in a lot of respects. Puppies are babies and like human babies, they need a lot of sleep and will often fall asleep on your lap. Who could resist the faces of those adorable puppies. But puppies can also be mischievous, defiant and destructive. Getting a puppy is a lot of work and a long-time commitment. Puppies need visits to the vet, house training, behavior training and socialization. Puppies grow up very quickly into adult dogs. In-between the puppy- adult stage is a rebellious adolescent phase, where puppies require almost constant supervision. Depending on the breed, by the time puppies are one year old, they are considered adult dogs. Some breeds of dogs take longer to mature out of their adolescent phase than others.

cute puppies
cute dog

Cute puppies are quite clumsy but very active. Provide plenty of opportunity for your pup to run off that pent up energy. If it is hot and humid outside, try to limit the amount of time outdoors and don't allow your pup to over exert himself. Exercise and play are very important not only to keep your pet fit but to provide socialization and teach your puppy what is acceptable play and what is not. That cute puppy stole your heart and now he's part of your family. but remember: He's your responsibility and you need to take care of him.

cute puppy
cute dog

Cute puppies - Care for cute Puppies

Raising a puppie into a dog can be a very rewarding experience. It is like seeing a family member grow up, but in fast motion. Feed your puppy a high-quality commercial puppy food. Choose one based on his age, size and breed. Feed puppies under 6 months three to four small meals a day. Feed older puppies twice a day. Follow the food guidelines on the bag to determine how much to feed your puppy. Puppy food is designed to deliver the proper balance of nutrition and additives needed for healthy growth. Offer a safe place for your puppy to sleep and stay while you are away. An appropriately-sized crate is the best choice. Make it comfortable with blankets or padding and include toys for play.

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