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The Affenpinscher is a little breed of dog with a lot of personality. They have a face that somewhat resembles a monkey, that is why they have their name (Affen is a German word for monkey) In the country where the breed originated it is often called Zwergaffenpinscher (Zwerg means dwarf) so you might say that it resembles a small monkey dog. In France they named the Affenpinscher the mustached devil! But no matter what it’s name is, or what you call it, the Affenpinscher is a charming and often comical little breed of dog, it being the smallest of the Schnauzers and Pinschers breed. This breed tends to be alert, gentle, intelligent and very loving. Although keep in mind that they tend to be wary of strangers and make a good defensive show of guarding the house.


Life expectancy: 14 - 15 years
Color: Usually Black, but can be black/tan, red, gray and other
Eyes: round, dark, with black rims.
Coat type: Short and Wiry, with bushy eyebrows and a beard
Size: small, about 9 1/2-11 1/2 inches tall; about the size of a terrier
Health issues: Usually very healthy. Good grooming will prevent skin and coat problems. He has fine bones and should never jump off of furniture. Special care for his teeth. Susceptible to eye ulcers and infections.
The Affenpinscher is a small, terrier-like dog famous for its monkey-like expression. The skull is domed with a short muzzle and an undershot or level bite. The small ears are small and stand erect when cropped - erect, semi-erect or drop when uncropped. The eyes are round, dark and gleaming, and enhance the monkey-like expression. The body is small and proportional to the head, with a bit of tuckup and a slight curve of the croup. The coat is rough, dense and of moderate length for such a small dog. Coloring can be black, silver, gray, black and tan, red or beige; dogs that have a coat color other than black may still have a black mask. Despite the Affenpinscher’s facetious personality, its gait is notably confident and serious.

Affenpinschers have a distinct appearance that some associate with terriers. They are active, adventurous, curious, and stubborn, but they are also fun-loving and playful. The breed is confident, lively, affectionate towards family members and is also very protective of them. This loyal little dog enjoys being with its family. It needs consistent, firm training because some can be quite difficult to housebreak. The training should be varied because the dog can easily become bored.

Affenpinschers are somewhat territorial when it comes to their toys and food, so they are not recommended for very small children. This dog is mostly quiet but can become very excited if attacked or threatened and shows no fear toward any aggressor. It is best suited for a family who likes a show and has a sense of humor.

Affenpinschers need to be groomed two to three times a week because of their 1 inch coat.

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