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The king of terriers is a social dog and does well with other dogs, but does not always do well with cats. They are more ideal for an older child that has been around other pets and will not mind vigorous play. They love and crave attention and are very energetic. They are very playful, courageous and protective and they are friendly with most everyone they meet. The Airedale Terrier is highly trainable.
The Airedale should have a head that is long, not too broad with level cheeks and little stop. It should be free from wrinkles. The upper and lower jaws should be deep, powerful, strong and muscular. They should have a good scissor bite but a vice-like bite is acceptable. Eyes should be small and dark with a lively, intelligent expression. Light or bold eyes are undesirable. The ears are dropped and V-shaped, with a side carriage, the top line of the ear fold set slightly above the level of the skull. Ears should not be set too high or be pendulous. The neck should be clean and of moderate length and thickness with no excessive loose skin. The body should be short, muscular and strong with a deep but not broad chest. Legs are long and well-boned and the feet small and round. The tail is set on high and carried gaily. The coat is harsh and should lie close to the body, undercoat is shorter and smoother. The harshest coats may crinkle or be slightly waved. Curly or soft coats are undesirable. The Airedale Terrier should have a black or grizzle coloured saddle, back, neck and top side of tail. All the rest of the body should be covered in tan coloured hair. Some white between the front legs is allowed.

Airedale terrier dog

Airedale terrier

Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years
Color: Tan for the head, ears, legs up to the thighs, elbows, and the undercarriage. The sides and upper body are black or dark grizzle.
Eyes: small, dark.
Coat type: Hard, dense, wiry outercoat; softer undercoat.
Size: approximately 23 inches, slightly less for females
Health issues: May suffer from eye problems, hip dysplasia and skin infections.

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