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The Basenji is an ancient breed of hound dog native to central Africa, where it is used to point and retrieve and to drive quarry into a net. It is also known as the barkless dog, but it does produce a variety of sounds other than barks. The breed stems from the very earliest pariah-type dogs, being used as hunting dogs as long ago as 3600 B.C. The breed has maintained its original form for centuries, and was "rediscovered" in the Congo around 1936, when a few specimens of the breed were imported to England. A graceful animal, it is characterized by an alert expression typified by the finely wrinkled forehead, erect ears, and tightly curled tail. The short, silky coat is reddish brown, black, or black-and-tan; feet, chest, and tail tip are white. It is characterized as a clean and gentle dog. The dog conveys an elegant and graceful appearance; its whole demeanor is one of poise and inquiring alertness. Its balanced structure and smooth musculature enables it to move with ease and agility.


Life expectancy: 10 - 12 Years
Color: Chestnut red; pure black; tricolor ; or brindle
Eyes: Dark hazel to dark brown, almond shaped, dark rims
Coat type: The coat is short and fine. The skin is very pliant.
Size: males: 17 inches; females: 16 inches
Health issues: Kidney problems, PRA and intestinal problems.
The Basenji dog breed is a small but striking hound breed. The Basenji breed's really striking characteristics are a slim body and long legs, made even more prominent by a coat of short hair. But those supermodel attributes are balanced by a wrinkly-fleshed forehead and curled tail. Basenjis' lithe bodies make them both gracious and swift. Perhaps most endearing to Basengjis' next-door neighbors is the fact that they tend not to bark. One of the oldest dog breeds, Basenjis have even been depicted on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs.

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