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A wonderfully adorable family pet, Bassett Hounds are hard to forget because of personality as well as looks. Although they sport long, floppy ears that nearly hit the ground, a long, short body with wrinkly skin, especially on the legs, chest and face, and sagging sad eyes that often make them look unhappy, the Basset Hound is a very cheerful, lovable dog. The breed’s wobbling, swaying movements actually add to their lovable qualities, as their short legs and stout body makes it difficult for them to move about quickly. While they only stand 13-15 inches off the ground, they normally average 45-60 pounds. With a long, rounded hound nose, they come with a short coat that is a mixture of black, white, and brown, although one color may dominate.
The Basset Hound is an excellent family dog, but they will need obedience training from an early age, because they are often stubborn and independent - but this is all part of their character and charm! They also have a tendency to follow their nose, which makes them ignore their owners. While grooming is minimal for the body of the Basset, special attention while need to be paid to the long ears to ensure they don’t become infected with cold weather and wind. As well, the Basset is known for having a problem with obesity because of their short stature. It is essential to control their diets.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Life expectancy: 8 to 12 years
Color: Generally black, tan and white,
Eyes: brown, slightly sunken
Coat type: Smooth, close and hard with sufficient density for protection. The skin is loose and elastic
Size: 14 inches
Health issues: If used as a house dog, overfeeding can be a problem.
The Basset Hound originated in France, possibly as early as 1585. After the French Revolution, the breed again rose in popularity among the peasants. Before the Revolution, hunting hounds were used only by the nobility. The peasants could not hunt from horseback, only on foot, so they required a shorter-legged, slower hound. Originally used to trail hares, rabbits, and deer, it has also been used in hunting birds, foxes, and other game. It is characterized as a slow, deliberate hunter, with a deep voice and a "nose" second in keenness only to that of the bloodhound. The Basset Hound was also ideal for hunting in heavy cover due to its shape and size. The breed has several varieties, one of the most popular being the sad-eyed Le Couteulx.

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