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The Bearded Collie is a hardy active dog, with an aura of strength and agility characteristic of a real working dog. He has a high level of intelligence and resourcefulness and owners must keep him busy or he will invent things to keep himself occupied. It is believed that the Bearded Collie was developed from the Polski Owczarek Nizinny dog from Poland. The Polish dogs were mixed with Highland Collies which became known as the Beard Collie. Used as a working companion he would drive cattle and sheep to market.
The Bearded Collie can make an excellent watch-dog, as it has a powerful bark to deter would-be intruders.

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie

Life expectancy: 15 - 16 Years
Color: Slate gray, reddish fawn, black, blue, all shades of gray, brown or sandy with or without white markings.
Eyes: large and usually matching the color of the coat color.
Coat type: Flat, harsh and shaggy; can be slightly wavy but not curly; soft, furry, close undercoat.
Size: Dogs: 21-22 inches at the withers; Bitches: 20-21 inches at the withers
Health issues: Hip dysplasia

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