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Named the Border Terrier because he is from the border between Scotland and England where he originally served farmers as a working terrier and guard dog. The Border Terrier is able to look after himself, usually with an amiable outlook on life. A no-nonsense little dog, he is game for anything. Unlike other terriers he is not argumentative. He is a dog lover's dog. Once known as the Reedwater Terrier he was originally developed to hunt alongside Foxhounds in the countryside of northeast England. Treasured for his ability to kill foxes and other animals who crept into the farmyard for livestock.
The Border Terrier may be small in stature, but it has a huge spirit an it thrives on their owner's attention.
Bred near the border between England and Scotland for driving out foxes, the Border Terrier was also used for hunting martens.

Border Terrier

Border Terrier

Life expectancy: 15 + Years
Color: "Red, grizzle and tan, blue and tan, or wheaten," according to the American Kennel Club
Eyes: dark hazel
Coat type: Harsh and dense with close undercoat.
Size: Males: 13-15 pounds; females: 11- 14 pounds
Health issues: Dislocated kneecaps.
The Border Terrier is lively and alert, but mild-mannered. It’s a hardy, scruffy little terrier and a bold hunter. Early socialization is a must. To avoid excessive timidity you need to get your puppy accustomed to loud noises and city situations. It tends to bark, but it is not aggressive. As a puppy it is very active, but it will mellow as an adult. It makes a wonderful companion to children. The Border Terrier likes to dig and must be securely fenced in. If the puppy is raised with cats, family cats will not generally be a problem, but it shouldn't be trusted with other people's cats however. Generally it gets along with other dogs, but it is not trustworthy with hamsters, rabbits, rats or birds. This dog doesn’t like to be left alone; it needs to be with people. If you have two Border Terriers, it is best to have a male and a female.

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