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The Bouvier is a powerful, imposing dog with a massive and heavily coated head with a thick beard, mustache and shaggy eyebrows, which gives the dog a very distinctive appearance. It looks intimidating, but is actually calm and gentle. The Bouvier is highly intelligent and obedient. It makes an excellent guard and watchdog that is easy to train. It makes a good family dog, and is excellent with children. The Bouvier is an enthusiastic, responsible and obedient dog breed with a pleasant nature. It is excellent at learning and once the dog learns a command it will remember it for the rest of its life. This breed requires well-balanced obedience training. It is very important to make the dog aware, without being too hard with it, that you are and will remain the boss. In order to avoid over-protectiveness and shyness, socialization at an early age is a must. The Bouvier needs an experienced owner to prevent dominance problems. It makes an excellent companion to children. This dog's loyalty is world famous. It is usually good with other dogs if they are raised together from puppy hood, but be careful with non-canine pets. Dominant individuals may be dog aggressive. The Bouvier does not fully mature until the dog reaches the age of 2-3 years, it is slow to mature both in body and mind. It can be suspicious and reserved with strangers and protective of its family.

Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres

Life expectancy: 10 - 12 Years
Color: fawn, black, salt-and-pepper, gray, and brindle
Eyes: oval-shaped, dark brown
Coat type: Rough, thick, harsh with a soft dense undercoat
Size: male: 24.5 - 27.5 female: 23.5 - 26.5
Health issues: Some problems with hip dysplasia, bloat and eye problems.

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