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The Bull Terrier is perhaps best known for the breed's interesting egg-shaped head. The Bull Terrier breed is the only American Kennel Club-recognized breed with triangular eyes. Bull Terriers are as strong as they look, with powerful muscles and robust shoulders. According to Wikipedia, many people call the Bull Terrier dog breed the "gladiator of the canine race," more for the tough appearances than actual behavior. The dogs are not as tough as they look, and can be quite playful. Bull Terrier breed is known for being active and playful. Bull Terriers can also become very attached to particular individuals in their families. At times, the dogs can seem harder to train than other breeds.

Bull Terrier

Life expectancy: 10 - 14 Years
Color: white, though there are some colored Bull Terriers
Eyes: sunken, dark, small, and triangular
Coat type: Short and Wiry, with bushy eyebrows and a beard
Size: 21 - 22 inches
Health issues: UHereditary zinc deficiency. Some puppies are born deaf.
Living conditions: Indoor- outdoor dog that does best with a fenced yard and plenty of play outlets.

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