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The Canaan Dog is a medium-size, robustly made, spitz-type dog. He he has been indigenous to the region encompassed by modern Israel for centuries. The Canaan Dog is reserved with strangers but makes a good companion dog that is loyal and affectionate to his family. Soft and eager to please, he is also needs to know the rules of the house or he can become manipulative. He has been used as a guide dog for the blind and as a search and rescue dog.

Canaan Dog

Canaan dog

Life expectancy: 10 - 12 years
Color: Sandy to reddish brown, white or black; harlequin.
Eyes: Dark, almond-shaped, slightly slanted.
Coat type: Medium to long, straight and harsh; close lying, undercoat visible in winter.
Size: males: 20-24 inches ; females: 19-23 inches
Health issues: Healthy natural breed.
Living conditions:City or country; house, apartment or condo.

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