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English Foxhound are an extremely active breed which need alot of entertaining or will become destructive. They have an endless amount of energy and seem to never tire regardless of the activity. They "working" lines of this dog are more energetic than the "pet" lines. These dogs are very obedient and loyal to their owners.They have the ability to bond to a family quickly. These friendly dogs who love to please. They can spend long periods of time practicing differnet commands without tiring or becoming bored. These dogs are known to be fond of children but are happiest when in the company of other dogs. They are also very vocal animals who can be good guard dogs. Their voice will alert the family whenever anyone or anything comes near the home.

The English Foxhound has a long nose with wide nostrils. Their rounded ears are set low and hang close to their cheeks. Their brown eyes are large and are set far apart. Their deep set chest settles nicely into the shoulders which are long and muscular.Their cat-like feet help them run quickly after animals. They have very muscular thighs and large boned legs. Most dogs are the hound tricolors of black, tan and white while some are bicolored with a strong white background. Their short, sleek coat is easy to maintain and doesn't allow stickers or other outside weeds to stick to it easily. The tail is always carried high in a friendly manner. On average, males are between 23-25 inches tall and about 70 pounds while females are about 18 inches tall and 50 pounds.

English Fox Hound

A generally healthy breed, these dogs have no known major health problems. Due to the active nature of this breed, English Foxhounds are not suited for apartment life. These dogs need an immense amount of exercise daily therefore they do best in a home with a large yard. If possible, they are happiest when they have a canine companion to occupy thier time as well. Durable fencing is also a must with this breed becasue they have been known to chase after any strong scent that catches their nose.

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