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Gordon Setters are known for their devotion and obedience to their owner. They learn very quickly and complete all levels of obediencein a rather short period of time. Their high level of intelligence enable them to pick up on the desired behaviors quickly as well. They are also very devoted to their masters. They are willing to please at all times and love to be involved in all aspects of family life. They are great with children and other animals though they can beome jealous if not given enough attention. They can also tend to be weary of strangers until they more familiar with them.

Gordon Setter

The black and tan coat of the Gordon Setter is this breed's distinct feature. It is soft and shiny with the hair hanging longer on the ears, stomach, chest, legs and tail.White is permitted slightly on the chest though it is not desirable. Besides their beautiful coat, they have a deep set oval shaped skull. Their eyes are dark brown with tight lids. Their ears are set low and are almost in a direct line with their eyes. Their long muzzle is proportioned to their body and extend into their broad, blacknose with open nostrils. Their neck is very long and lean and their top line is perfectly flat. They have a short tail with a fringed coat that hangs down when the dog is pointing. Their legs are thin yet muscular and are straight as they meet the small cat-like feet with well arched toes. This breed is prone to bloat, dysplasia and eye diseases. Gordon Setters are not recommended for apartment life because they enjoy running free in the comfort of their own yard for extended periods of time. When possible, running outside with their family members is fun.

Size: Males 24-27 inches, 55-80 pounds; females 23-26 inches, 45-70 pounds
Coat: Dense and water-repellent
Color: golden
Eyes: oval, dark brown.
Ears: low-set on a line with the eyes, large and thin, folded, carried close to head

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