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The Irish Terrier or Irish Red Terrier makes an excellent companion whether a playmate, hiker, watchdog or just a footwarmer. Loyal to ever member of the family, he is a top-notch terrier but is known for his fighting spirit. He is possible the oldest of the terrier breeds to have come from Ireland. Not much has been documented of his past, but he was used as a working farm dog and guard dog in Ireland for centuries. The Irish Terrier makes a good watch-dog as it readily adopts its owner's property as its own territory.
The Irish Terrier's alternative name, the Irish Red Terrier, is derived from the red coat, which can be bright red, wheaten red or yellow red.
During World War I, the Irish Terrier was used as a messenger dog in the trenches and acquired a reputation for being fearless and intelligent.

Irish Terrier

Irish Setter

Life expectancy: 13 - 16 Years
Color: Whole-colored, red, red wheaten, or yellow-red; small amount of white on chest.
Eyes: almond-shaped, medium-sized, well apart, dark to medium brown.
Coat type: short and fine on head and front legs, moderately long and flat elsewhere.
Size: Males: 27 inches, 70 pounds; Females: 25 inches, 60 pounds
Health issues: The Irish Setter tends to bloat, feed 2 or 3 small meals a day instead of one big one. It is particularly prone to epilepsy and severe skin allergies. It is also prone to eye problems and elbow & hip dysplasia, PRA, autoimmune disease and hypothyroidism..
Living conditions: Apartment is adequate if sufficient exercise is given..

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