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The Leonberger is a lively, loving, sweet dog. This dog just loves everyone. It is steadfast, stable and calm. Its intelligence is extraordinary; its loyalty and love for its family is unparalleled. The Leonberger has a friendly personality. This breed is very good with children; it is trustworthy and has incredible patience, even with the most obnoxious children (but there are some that are not as patient). Generally if the situation becomes too intense, instead of showing any aggression, the Leonberger simply walks away. This dog needs a gentle, patient master; it does not respond very well to harsh training-methods. This breed wants to please, and responds well to training. To be an excellent watchdog it requires some special training. Early, thorough socialization is important, as this puppy will become a very large adult. Usually it gets along with other dogs. This gentle giant is serious, intelligent and brave; it is more agile than many other giant breeds. It loves to be included in all family outings and is very adaptable to most any environment. The Leonberger loves to swim, hike and be trained to pull carts and sleds. If you plan to have your Leonberger pull carts or hike, one has to wait until the dog is grown; it is not recommended before the dog is about 18 months old.



Life expectancy: 8-9 years
Color: lion yellow, red, reddish brown, sandy, all combinations in between, always with a black mask
Eyes: light brown to dark, mid-size, oval
Coat type: medium soft to coarse, long, close-fitting, never parted
Size: males 72-80 cm; females 65-75 cm
Health issues: It is prone to hip dysplasia, and other skeletal diseases/disorders. Also eyelid defects and bone disease, possible behavioral problems.
Living conditions: This breed is not recommended for apartment life. It is relatively inactive indoors and will do best with at least a large yard. It prefers cool climates and can live inside or outside, but mostly prefer to be wherever you are.

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