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The Pekingese is very brave and courageous to the point of foolhardiness. It is self-willed and stubborn. It may be difficult to housebreak. This breed is sensitive, independent and extremely affectionate with its master, but is very suspicious of strangers. It makes a very good watchdog; it tends to bark a lot. This little dog is loving to the point of jealousy. It is not recommended for young children who are too rough. The Pekingese will quickly become overweight if overfed. The Pekingese is disinclined to take walks and although it doesn't need much exercise, it will stay in better health if given regular sessions of play activity. It is important to get your puppy accustomed to the leash. It is advisable to use a harness (instead of a collar) and a retractable leash. You cannot be overly bossy with Pekingese, but it does need basic training to be a well-adjusted companion. Praise your dog when it does something right, but do not punish harshly when it does something wrong. The Pekingese suggests its Chinese origin in its directness, independence, individuality and expression. It has an extravagant, long, straight-flowing coat that has profuse feathering and comes in all colors. This breed makes a devoted companion, it adapts to its environment and surroundings. Even though this dog has a mind of its own and likes to get its own way, it has an independent spirit, which is its most endearing characteristic. This little dog needs a firm hand. It is very suspicious of strangers even though it is an affectionate, noble dog.



Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years
Color: All colors and markings are permissible
Eyes: large, round, very dark, and set wide apart
Coat type: Long, straight, double-coated with a coarse top coat, thick undercoat and profuse mane and feathered tail.
Size: up to 14 pounds
Health issues:Problems birthing, breathing problems and his eyes are sensitive and prone to corneal ulcers.
Living conditions: Just at home in a small apartment as a large house. The owner of a Pekingese needs to be patience leader who does not expect an instant response. Pekingese also have a tendency to be bossy and they like to be pampered.

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