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The Pointer is affectionate, intelligent and clean; it is wise and adaptable to every situation. It is an energetic and enthusiastic hunter, yet calm at home. It makes a good companion to children; it is patient, tolerant, kind, playful and loving. Socialization at an early age is a must; obedience training is strongly recommended. It tends to be a bit willful, distractible and reserved with strangers; it will bark at suspicious noises. Hunting instincts develop early; puppies even at eight weeks old often display pointing behavior. This dog is independent; it is generally good with other pets and is not usually dog aggressive. This breed has excellent endurance in warm weather, but is not suited to very cold conditions; working best on land it is not very comfortable in water. The Pointer has legendary tracking and pointing skills, but is not usually expected to retrieve game. A competitive dog, the Pointer still dominates Pointing Field Trials over all other pointing breeds. Today, the Pointer is a family hunting dog and companion. This dog is tireless an energetic, it needs plenty of vigorous exercise. If under exercised, the Pointer can become restless and destructive.



Life expectancy: 12 - 14 Years
Color: Lemon and white, orange and white, liver and white, black and white; self (pure) colors and tricolors.
Eyes: large and round
Coat type: Short, dense and smooth.
Size: Males: 25-28 inches, 55-75 pounds; Females: 23-26 inches, 44-65 pounds
Health issues: Elbow and hip dysplasia, PRA, epilepsy.
Living conditions: Not designed for apartment life or a first dog as he has tremendous energy which must be directed into some task. He is suited for kennel life as he requires less personal attention than many other sporting dogs. He will do better in a rural area. .

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