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The Pumi is a vigorous and sturdy dog. Due to its terrier heritage it has a great interest in the lairs of wild animals such as foxes and hares. It is said to be a successful ratter. It is happy, affectionate, cheerful, loving dog; it makes a wonderful family companion. It is alert, watchful, and energetic. Socialization at an early age is a must. Obedience training is important; it tends to be willful. This is a very intelligent breed; it is smart enough to grasp what you mean quickly. It is easy to train. Usually it gets along with children as long as they do not pester the dog. This breed can be dog aggressive and has a tendency to wander. The Pumi is a superb watchdog; it is rather mistrustful of strangers. The Pumi uses its voice liberally and consistently; if you are surrounded by neighbors where you live it is sensible to teach the dog that after a couple of barks it must be quiet. The Pumi needs a lot if exercise. It will enjoy playing catch, chasing Frisbees, and will excel in agility skills classes. The Pumi is a medium-sized, sturdy sheepdog. It is active and energetic. This dog is a typical drover, with a burning personality and an alert disposition. As a working dog it serves many functions, such as herding cattle, exterminating vermin, and guarding the farm. It was developed to drive cattle; it is daring, mouthy and high-spirited. Its character makes this breed a fine watchdog in remote areas. It also makes a successful guard dog and hunting dog.



Life expectancy: 12-13 years
Color: gray shades, black, fawn, white
Eyes: set moderately well apart, slightly oblique, mid-size, oval, dark brown, slit-eyes
Coat type: wavy, curly, in tufts, elastic, shaggy, dense, strong topcoat, soft undercoat
Size: males 41-47cm; females 38-44cm
Health issues: No genetic defects, generally it’s a healthy breed.
Living conditions: This breed is not recommended for apartment life. It does best with an average-sized fenced yard. It will be happiest where it has work for it to do for the family. This dog can sleep and live outdoors but also likes to be near its family and master.

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