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The Samoyed is a strong, muscular, dynamic, and active dog. This breed makes an excellent family dog; it has a fondness for people, especially children. It is good-natured, gentle and mischievous. The beauty of the Samoyed with its smile, which extends from ear to ear will attract attention when it is out. The owner of this breed should be somebody who is willing to give of his time in both grooming and activity. This dog is elegant and agile; it is now one of the most fashionable show and companion breeds, yet has a history of hard work in severe conditions. For centuries, hunters and fishermen have used this beautiful, robust white dog to pull their sleds. The Samoyed is a peaceful, dignified and very gentle dog. It is very devoted to its family; it tends to favor one person, but loves everyone. This dog makes an excellent companion to children. It is friendly to all, including intruders; too friendly to be of much use as a watchdog, although its bark will alert you to the presence of strangers. It never seeks trouble but can handle an adversary if necessary. This dog is highly intelligent, but often willfully resistant to formal obedience training. It can be intractable when uninterested or commanded harshly. Firm, patient training should start at an early age. The Samoyed is an outstanding, good-natured, lively, and sociable dog. This breed should not be trusted with small non-canine pets, however there are plenty of them that live and get along with cats. It tends to bark a lot. It may become very destructive if left alone for many hours. This breed has a reputation of being a chewer. It needs a reasonable amount of exercise, but take it easy during warm weather because the woolly undercoat inhibits loss of the heat built up during exercise.



Life expectancy: 12 - 14 Years
Color: white, cream, white and biscuit, biscuit
Eyes: dark, set well apart, deep-set, almond-shaped
Coat type: Heavy coat.
Size: males 21 - 23 1/2 inches, females 19 - 21 inches
Health issues: Hip dysplasia, diabetes.
Living conditions: Rural or suburban. Will adapt to kennel living if its daily activity involved people. They are unsuited for hot climate because of their heavy coat.

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