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The Whippet is a medium sized dog, They come in wide variety of colors and combinations of colors including, brindle, black, fawn, blue, brindle and white, red and white, fawn and white and black and white. Female Whippets tend to be more independent than the males, who are usually more loving and willing to please. Whippets are very loyal and become very attached to their owners, but most are extremely friendly with strangers.

They are medium sized sight hounds giving the appearance of elegance and fitness, denoting great speed, power and balance without coarseness. They are one of the fastest breed in the world having been timed at 36.5 mph for a 150 yard course, which is at least 10 mph faster than the fastest human can run. Whippets have frail bodies, but they are intense when racing. They have small rose ears, a black nose and thin snout. Their bodies are thin and lean but muscular. Their tapering tail remains undocked. Whippets are gentle, affectionate and adaptable, splendid watch dogs.

Weight Height Range - Dogs ideally measure between 47 - 51cms at the withers and bitches measure between 44 - 47cms. Both dogs and bitches weigh between 12.5 - 13.5kgs.



Perhaps the most demonstrative and obedient of the true sighthounds, the Whippet makes an ideal pet for people who want a quiet house dog and absolutely devoted companion. The Whippet is extremely gentle with children and can make an excellent companion for them. He is calm indoors but loves to run and play outdoors. The whippet is extremely sensitive (both physically and mentally) and cannot take rough treatment or harsh corrections.

Short, fine, smooth and close.

Whippet History
The Whippet was developed during the latter part of the 19th century from various sporting, coursing and running dogs, including small greyhounds. He was bred to race and his ability to reach speeds of up to 35mph suited him to track racing. This breed was adopted by the miners of North-east England who were keen dog racing enthusiasts but they also used him for coursing, as he is capable of catching rabbits and hares. He gained his nickname of Snapdog from his ability to kill rats and rabbits with a sharp snap. Although he is still used as a working and racing dog and takes part in agility and obedience activities, his main role is as a companion.

Given proper nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care, most whippets live for 12 to 15 years. They are generally healthy, and are not prone to the frequent ear infections, skin allergies, or digestive problems that can afflict other breeds. Genetic eye defects, though quite rare, have been noted in the breed. Because of this the American Whippet Club recommends that all breeders test for this defect in their breeding stock. Hip dysplasia is unknown in whippets.

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