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A dog is more faithful than most other animals—and more faithful than many people.
Dog lovers have no problem telling you why the dog is considered man's best friend. Loyalty, unconditional love, companionship and laughs. Any doctor can also tell you that having pets makes our lives better and makes us healthier, by convincing us to be more active. No matter how lazy you feel, who can resist Rover when he comes up begging to go for a walk? You can't argue with the fact that we become much more relaxed, lowering our blood pressure, when our loving dog or cat comes to us to say hello and asks for a gentle pet. Dogs are amazing creatures! Not only can they be incredible friends, but many dogs provide humans with much needed assistance, as well as love and companionship.
If you love dogs, this is the site for you! We will have all kinds of pictures including cute dog photos, puppy pictures and more!

dog pictures
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Dogs are our best friends, and we are the owners' next best friend. We provide information and support to current and potential pet owners in the form of guides, reports, and informative articles. Our dog breed descriptions offer detailed accounts of breed standards - including the origin, appearance, temperament, maintenance, and health. Information on over 200 breeds is described in these pages. You will also find a breed selection tool and links to related breeds, which are both helpful when selecting a new pet for your family. List of dog breeds
When you bring your new companion home, check out our list of names to help you choose between Rags, Lady, Bella, or even Fang! Choosing just the right name is important. Our training page offers sound advice about properly training your puppy so that everyone can play together safely. Teaching your dog about socialization and boundaries helps everyone in the family, including other pets, enjoy a loving relationship. Puppy training

dog pictures
funny dog pictures

Dogs and humans have been best friends for long. While dogs give unconditional love, loyalty and friendship to their owners, we are responsible for their proper care, food and water, shelter, safety, regular veterinary care and exercise. Our mission is to help as many pets as possible live the Healthiest and Longest Life possible.

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