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Dog Training - Dog Training Guide and Information

Are you looking for free advice about dog house training? Dog training is vital to help your dog understand what’s required of him,Dog training should ALWAYS be fun for your dog, so if you or your dog begin to get tired take a break and come back to it later. Generally to begin with, training sessions last for around 15 minutes, which you increase as your dog gets older and the training progresses – just long enough for the dog not to get bored. It’s common for people to start taking their pups to puppy classes when they reach 6 months old – however you can always start your own training at home well before this.

So, what can effective dog training teach your dog? Well, the world’s your oyster really! You can teach your dog the usual sit, lie down, up, stay, roll-over, give me paw, etc all within months! You can then go a step further and use hand signals to act as the commands for all the above! You could go on to compete in Dog Agility events or partake in another dog sport by joining a class that specializes in that particular field - there really is little limit to teaching your dog new tricks and commands if done properly and consistently, and in a fun way that the dog looks forward to.

Dog training - dog training is important!

Dog agility training is the other type of dog training. There are several limits for participating in agility dog training, such as age of your dog and his ability for teamwork. The agility dog training is usually held in the open areas, at parks or stadiums. There is also a great number of different dog training equipment that will help you. The reward method is the most appropriate for this kind of dog training.

dog training

If you have the time to spend with your dog, there are plenty of activities for the two of you to pursue. Hiking, jogging, backpacking, and playing long games of “fetch the tennis ball” are fun. If you and your dog enjoy training, you might consider obedience or agility competition or tracking. You might also be interested in activities that test your dog's instinct for whatever his breed was developed to do. Training for and participating in herding, lure coursing, earthdog events, sporting tests and trials, and other sports will create a wonderful bond between you and your dog, and help channel all that energy into having fun.

If you don't have much time for your dog training, there is a lot of different dog training schools, where you may learn all the useful dog training tips. When you decide to have a dog, don't forget that they are the sociable animals and it is very necessary for them to spend the most part of their time with people.

Dog training requires simple persistence to be a successful and delightful experience for you and your dog. Here are 6 dog training tips to guide you along the way.

1. Dog training tips - Get your dog's attention

Before you can start training your dog you first need to get its attention. You can do this by talking to him and offering him a small treat.

2. Dog training tips - For safety in vehicles

Before you introduce your dog to the inside of a moving vehicle you should teach him the 'down!' and 'stay!' commands. This ensures that he spends the ride on the floor of the vehicle.

3. Dog training tips - Elimination

When your dog got to go it got to go. To prevent your dog from getting busy on the carpet you should train him to eliminate on command.

4. Dog training tips - Praise

Always praise your dog when he learns a new command.

5. Dog training tips - Reprimand

Do not hit your dog! Any time your dog is engaging in bad behavior, use the opportunity to teach him the 'stop!' or 'no!' command. Using the 'stay!' command can also be effective in these situations.

6. Dog training tips - Do some dog training everyday

Don't rush dog training. Teach your dog one command at a time and don't move on until he gets it. A little dog training everyday is all that's needed.

Proper training of your dog should begin when he is a puppy. The first four months of a dog’s life are very important in the training of your dog.

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