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Dogs are lovable, cuddly creatures that bring joy to many people on a daily basis. Dogs can be very therapeutic, and they provide long lasting companionship. Moreover, they are highly protective of their owners, and they can become dedicated family pets. It is no wonder dogs are the subject of so many things. Because they are so often humorous, you can find more information than you can consume on the funny aspects of dogs.
Dogs are probably the most popular pets in the world, as well as funny animals. Search no more for funny dog pics, cute dog photos, and those elusive funny commercials starring dogs. It's all right here in one place. If animal humor is your idea of comedy, have fun browsing through all of the cute dogs and funny puppies on this site. Want to see some really cute and funny dog pictures?

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Some funny facts about dogs

Did you know.....
-Dogs were one of the first animals domesticated by humans (over 10,000 years ago!)
-Most dogs have about 100 different facial expressions (many of which are made by their ears!)
-Dogs actually sweat from the pads of their feet; they release heat by panting
-Dogs take between 10 and 30 breaths every minute
-Dogs rely more on sound than on sight to get around
-Dogs are actually not color blind! They cannot see colors as vividly as we can though
-People who own dogs live longer, healthier lives

Pictures of small dogs and funny dog pictures for all dog lovers.

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