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We love our pets and they give us a lot of love in return. Learn to take good care of them and have fun exploring here at the Dog Funny site.
Tips: How to have a cute Dog? Grooming is always essential to make your dog look cute. nobody thinks a stinky, dirty, muddy, and matted dog is adorable! Bathe, brush, clean the ears, eyes, brush the teeth, clip the nails, and spritz with a little doggie cologne.
Buy colored nail caps for your dog! (pink or red for girls, blue for boys) this will make them look ADORABLE while saving your hard wood floors and furniture!
Teach him basic obedient training. Nobody likes even the cutest dog that yaps, pulls on the leash, or doesn't sit or stay when told!
Don't make your dog wear clothing if he/she doesn't like it. If they don't like it, don't make them wear it. They are cute even without it!

puppy pictures
puppy pics
puppy picture
puppy photos
puppy pic

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