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A Schnauzer type dog has been represented in art and sculptures as early as the 1400. This breed is a result of crossing the Standard Schnauzer with the Affenpinscher and other small breeds. The name Schnauzer was first associated with this breed in 1879. They were recognised as a separate breed in 1899 in Germany and first appeared in America in 1925.

Size Category Small

Weight Height Range The typical Miniature Schnauzer can reach around 12-14 inches in height. The weight of the average Miniature Schnauzer is around 10-15 pounds.

The Miniature Schnauzer has a hard and wiry outer coat, while the undercoat is close and dense. This breed has a distinctive beard and should always have longer hair on the chest, underbelly, and legs. The coat of this breed should be plucked to remove dead hair.

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The Miniature Schnauzer is a small dog. The Miniature Schnauzer can have troubles with other dogs, however if properly trained and socialized; this breed can do all right. This breed should be supervised around small children, and does best with older children and more respectable children. The Schnauzer can be combative with other dogs, however if raised with them this breed can do well. They are not recommended for a home with smaller animals such as the cat as they have the tendency to chase them.

They should have a powerful blunt muzzle and a strong jaw with a perfect scissor bite. The eyes should be of medium size, dark and oval, with arched bushy eyebrows. The ears should be V shaped and high set. The neck should be strong and slightly arched. The chest should be deep and broad, and the topline strong and straight, slightly higher at the shoulder than the back end. A short-coupled breed, the body length should be the same as the height at the withers. The front legs should appear straight when viewed from all angles, the back legs should be well muscled. The feet should be compact, round and cat like. The tail is customarily docked to 3 joints, high set and carried high. The coat should be harsh and wiry with a dense undercoat however for the show ring this is stripped out to give a shorter and cleaner outline. The preferred colours for the show ring are salt & pepper, black with silver markings or solid black.

Miniature Schnauzer health and diseases problems

While generally a healthy breed, Miniature Schnauzers may suffer health problems associated with high fat levels. Such problems include hyperlipidemia, which may increase the possibility of pancreatitis, though either may form independently. Other issues which may affect this breed are diabetes, bladder stones and eye problems. Feeding the dog low- or non-fatty and unsweetened foods may help avoid these problems.

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