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The most popular dog breed among students

Its universal for a human to have pets, and amongst them, dogs are known to be man’s best friends since the beginning of human civilization. These animals serve people who want to be cherished, loved and entertained. If you are a student and look for a cute companion, you definitely won’t experience depression and loneliness. Whereas 25 percent also stated that their pets are the ones who helped them at the time of stress. Despite having several benefits, there is always a cost associated with owning a pet. Firstly, remember that this is a big responsibility on your shoulder. If your studies are too tough and you find it hard spending time with your pet, one of the options is to try the services called do my homework for me reddit or getting online paper help. But if you do not have a suitable place for your furry friend and it’s difficult for you to afford them, don’t opt for having them home.
However, for those who are seriously intended to have a dog, there are several options available. Amongst many popular breeds, Golden Retrievers are considered as superior dogs for kids and young children based on their gentleness and friendliness with kids. Children are often enthusiastic about having such a breed which does not need any introduction. The golden retriever is one of those and is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They were bred originally by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland in the 1800s to retrieve birds because they have a soft mouth and do not damage the hunted birds. This is one of the reasons students, kids or children should have them as they do no harm with their bites.

Child-loving and Playful

Children love to have a dog that loves to kiss them and express their affiliation by licking them. They want a dog that is friendly and with whom they can defeat the boredom by playing. Then golden retriever can be an unswerving partner who will cheer you up, lick you when you are sad and celebrate when you are happy. Since they are exceptionally smart, you can train them on the games you want. Also, these golden loving friends make excellent exercise companions.

Famous for Their Good Conduct

The ability of this dog to remain calm and quiet, gentle and friendly makes them good for students. They can be easily made obedient with a little training. Once they are attached to you, they just love you. Students don’t need the risk of having an aggressive animal as a pet, so golden retrievers won’t harm you. But they don’t make a good guard for this reason.

Friendly with the Other Pets You Have

One of the qualities of golden retrievers is that they won’t fight the other pets you have instead they will take care of them.

Tolerant and Flexible

As a child or student, you want to have a dog that is not much demanding when the environment is not favorable, as you may be busy preparing for your exam. If you fancy such a cute furry friend, go for a golden retriever. They can easily tolerate both hot and cold weather.

Known For Their Beauty

People undoubtedly go for an attractive and good-looking pet, and with its golden coat, this dog definitely serves the purpose.

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